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 Teacher Template

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PostSubject: Teacher Template   Teacher Template Icon_minitimeFri May 14, 2010 3:12 am

Name: (Last Name, First Name)

Age: (Obvious)

Sex: (Obvious)

Ethnicity: (Obvious)

Job: (Do they have a job after school? if so post what it is here.)

Height: (obvious)

Weight: (Obvious.)

D.O.B: (Date Of their Birth example, 01-17-83, Month-Day-Year)

Years attended at School: (how long have they been at this school.)

Sports: (Do they Play any Sports for the School?)

Appearance: (Street Clothes, and the clothes they teach in, Keep in mind that Students have Uniforms during scool hours Modifications of the unifrom can be made if the student wishes to Express themself. Can have pictures, but there would still have to be a text description.)

Personality: (What do they act like?, everybody's is unique.)

Powers: (What they are able to do as a power, Nothing overly extreme, this will be looked at Carefully.)

Vehicle: (Sophomores, Juniors, And Seniors Only. Picture only.)

History: (Before attending the highschool, andd maybe important events that happened while they have been teaching there.)

Rp Sample: (Show us your Stuff.)

.: Student I.D :.

(This is the Identification, that students carry with them at all times, it has uses for different things.)

Name: (Last Name, First Name)

Sex: (Obvious.)

Height: (Obvious.)

Weight: (Obvious.)

Eye Color: (Obvious)

Hair Color: (Obvious.)

Grade Level: (This is Determined By your profile when you first Post it, It can change over, depending on Post Quality of your character.)
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Teacher Template
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