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If you haven't registered, do so now! What are you waiting for? We all know you love High School based role play! You just need to admit it!

Thank you for even considering joining!


Chelle♥️ & the Staff
Zion Institute

The most prestigious high school on Pandora Island has become available to all kinds of children from all across the world!
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Please be sure to read the rules!
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PostSubject: Welcome!   Welcome! Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 9:43 am

HiHello, I'm Chelle.
I'll be the head Administrator that will hopefully be able to fulfill
all of your desired needs and wants. Well, not exactly all of them,
but the ones that are stickler to the forum, the roleplay, and the other
things involved on the forum.

We have OOC chat, involving music, literature,
soon to be art, and basically a free-zone to have fun with.

If you haven't read the rules, please click here.

If you want to be a Vampire, do it.
Demon? Sure. Angel? Of course.
Be whatever you want, within reason!
I'll be in charge of reading over the powers,
and the abilities of your character.

Also, if you want to attend the Institute,
we're really needing students!
( Though, if you'd like to be a Teacher, please
feel free to sign up as one! There's no holding
back on creativity here! )

Hmn.. If you have ANY questions you can contact me outside of this forum.

Yahoo! Messenger: blue_ranger_rochelle@yahoo.com

MSN Messenger: ho_shyt_its_rochelle@hotmail.com

DeviantART: loserfacerochelle.deviantart.com

Meebo: iridescent.shadow

Thank you for spending your time reading this.

It wasn't that bad, was it? Smile




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