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PostSubject: Forum RULES   Forum RULES Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 12:30 pm

HiHello, I am Chelle, the head Administrator of the Zion Institute, here to lay down the law. (Rules Borrowed from AHS, and edited by yours truly.)

[1.] To role-play here, you must have an accepted character in the Student Files forum. Ignoring this rule will get you banned from the board.

[2.] When your account is created, you have 72 hours to create your profile before your account is deleted. Unless you give a reason for this, the account will be removed and you will have to register again.

[3.] You are allowed TWO characters and only ONE account. If you surpass this limit, the extra account/character will be deleted.

[4.] Everyone should respect everyone else. We're not saying be all buddy-buddy, but at least be cordial. This means, no flaming, no fighting in the OOC areas, and no flame baiting.
--Flame-baiting is the act of posting something to another member that has no purpose but to cause a fight or argument.

[5.] At Zion we're a community who respects the time and effort it takes to stick with our RPG. That being said as you progress through the RPG, we open up rights to you as a valued member. As in, if you prove yourself, you could become a staff member, etc.

[6.] Umbrella Rule:
--If something isn't in the rules, it doesn't mean you can do it anyway. There is probably a ruling already on something, already. If you’re unsure about something you wish to do, then ask a staff member.

[7.] At Zion you are not limited to one thread at a time. Role-playing here in the wide variety of locations allows you to build multiple story lines at once. It's in your own hands to determine the time line of your character. The only limitation to your free range, is if your character has died. You can't very well be posting alive somewhere else when the character is dead.

[8.] World-changing events need to be cleared with the staff. Don't go blowing up Washington without checking with the staff, this is for two reasons. First, you must see if it's even okay to go through with it. Secondly, if you blow up Washington and nobody knows it happened. Did it really happen?

[9.] No Godmodding. You can't dodge every hit thrown your way, and you won't hit your opponent every single time.

[10.] You can kill other characters only if you have permission from the person being killed. However you're more than welcome to kill your own characters at your discretion.

[11.] Explicit sex is not allowed on the board. Making out, mild groping, and maybe getting down to underwear is completely acceptable. But -DO NOT- have real, full-out blown sex. You need to skip that part and make the people reading your topic assume the two character had sex. Repeated, do not act it out.

[12.] NPCs are Non-Player Characters, this means that they cannot be used like a standard Player Character. They can not be used outside of the storyline (or story lines) for which they were created unless you get permission from the person who created the topic that you wish to join with your NPC.

[13.] Have fun! That's the point of this RPG and that's why we're all here! Don't hamper other people's fun. Someone who isn't having fun isn't someone who wants to stay here.


Live. Laugh. Love.
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